Drew A. Martin for Mayor of Lake Worth

For the Earth and Lake Worth

Drew Martin came to Lake Worth over twenty years ago to work as a software contract employee for IBM and decided to make Lake Worth his permanent home.

Drew Martin grew up in San Francisco. He attended the University of California (UC) Davis, American Graduate School of International Management and UC Berkeley. He has a B.A., an M.I.M. (Masters) and a Certificate as well as temporary Florida Teacher Certification.

He worked at Bank of America HQ, which had close to eighty thousand employees. His job was to improve bank image through customer service. He recommended using technology (ATM’s) and express lines while increasing benefits for the employees. He chaired a committee to create a bank-wide customer service policy. Drew worked in the bank’s Money Transfer Department, which moved twenty billion dollars in funds each day. There he provided financial management, systems were updated, and speed and accuracy improved. Drew received a commendation from the president of Bank of America. Drew prepared a report for the bank president on the energy saving programs operating in over 1200 Bank of America locations.

Later he moved to a regional bank to oversee credit analysis of corporate loans, in both high tech and real estate. Seeing the use for new technology, he developed mathematical software to analyze loan quality.

Over the years Drew decided that environmental protection and the degradation of Florida’s environment was at a crossroad. He devoted himself to working on environmental issues. Taking to heart the philosophy to act locally and think globally he became Chair of the local Sierra Club’s Conservation Committee. He also served as the Co-Chair of the Everglades Coalition which is an alliance of over 60 local, state, and national conservation organizations dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Florida Everglades.

In Lake Worth Drew has been active on many issues. He has served on various City and County boards. In Lake Worth he served on the Tree Board, Climate Change Task Force, and Library Board. He spent time as the President of the Friends of the Lake Worth Library. He is a graduate of the Lake Worth Municipal Institute and a member of the CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team). He was elected to the Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District which helps oversee the Agricultural Reserve and operates a mobile irrigation lab to improve water use efficiency. He also served as a member of the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Advisory Board.

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